Up until now though, it was really up to you to separate the right decisions from the wrong ones. That’s where economics lessons come in to teach you about all those adult money issues before you need to know about them! But remember how we said these economics lessons have nothing to do with all those world crashes you’ve heard about? Well that’s not technically true. Because if more people make smart financial decisions, then huge crashes are much less likely to happen.

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Most of the pieces are terra cotta bozzetti small, three dimensional “sketches,” or ideas, for larger pieces. Also on view are works in plaster and bronze, including the bronze model for two of Mikolas’ large scale local public commissions: his Asa Packer memorial at Lehigh University in Bethlehem, and his soaring, nine foot tall monument to Dr. Conrad Raker at Good Shepherd Rehabilitation Hospital in Allentown..

The items were worn in every condition imaginable, including steep rocky terrain, cross country tundra, scree, rocky ridgelines, mud, snow and buffed out smooth tracks. They were utilized in real world applications as reviewers flew down steep mountain hillsides, splashed through streams, and nimbly danced over jumbled talus aiming for personal bests on long mountain ultras and participating in shorter town series races. Water absorption and drying rates were measured in a controlled setting and feedback was bounced between testers throughout the whole affair.

Nike, the world largest sporting goods company, entered the soccer market in 1994 and now rivals Germany Adidas for top spot. Adidas has a market share of around 38 percent in soccer, against an estimated 36 percent for Nike. Company is ensuring it holds on to its top partners after the Umbro sale.