Get Sport updates directly to your inboxSubscribeSee our privacy noticeThank you for subscribing!The Russian world No.7 shocked the tennis world on Monday by announcing that she had tested positive for the heart drug Meldonium . She claimed that she had been taking it on medical advice for the past 10 years and she needed it to help with an irregular heartbeat and a family history of diabetes.Until the start of this year, the drug was not on the banned list, but WADA informed all WADA accredited athletes that the proscribed list was being changed as it often is at the start of a new year and that they should check the new list.Sharapova admits that she failed to read that e mail and so did not know that Meldonium was now a prohibited substance.Potentially, the Russian faces a four year ban if the anti doping tribunal deems that she took the substance deliberately for performance enhancing purposes.That could be reduced to two years if the tribunal decides that she had not taken the substance deliberately for the sole purpose of enhancing her performance and could be reduced further if the lawyers get down to the business of plea bargaining and horse trading.Murray has little time for any of that. His views are clear and simple: you dope; you get banned.As for Sharapova’s excuse that she simply did not know about the change in Meldonium’s status, he has no patience and no sympathy with her on that front.

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